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Tips for a Healthy Halloween Experience

Tips for a Healthy Halloween Experience

This Halloween will be undeniably different than other years. Parents will need to take more sanitary precautions when they take their kids trick-or-treating, hand out candy, and participate in other Halloween activities. Nonetheless, you can still have fun this year. This article presents some tips for healthy Halloween experience.

1. Wear a mask

At this point, we are all used to wearing a mask in public. Try to find a fun way to incorporate a mask into you and your child’s Halloween costume. This will encourage them to wear a mask and leave it on the entire time. It will also discourage them from eating their candy as they trick-or-treat.

2. Set Candy Out on Halloween night

Instead of handing candy out directly, set pre-packaged treat bags outside. Make sure to wash your hands before assembling them. Individual treat bags prevents kids from crowding around and sticking their hands in a big bowl of candy. It also prevents non-essential direct contact with trick-or-treaters.

3. Use hand-sanitizer and wash your hands

The CDC recommends using hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content after touching objects or other people. Try itSpray hand sanitizer: you can take this convenient travel size spray on the go. It has 60% alcohol to neutralize the germs on you and your kid’s hands to keep you healthy. When you get home, make sure that your kids wash their hands before eating candy.

4. Participate in outdoor Halloween activities

Instead of attending an indoor Halloween party, try to participate in an outdoor activity that accommodates physical distancing. Corn mazes, hayrides, and pumpkin patches, and pumpkin-carving are all classic Halloween activities that enable distancing.


These four tips for a healthy Halloween experience will change up your traditional routine, but they will lower your family’s risk of spreading or contracting an illness.

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