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The itSpray Advantage for Gut Health

The itSpray Advantage for Gut Health

All of the itSpray products cater to various health conditions affecting the digestive tract. First, this article talks about Crohn’s disease and bariatric surgery. Second, it discusses the itSpray advantage for gut health. Third, it presents the nutritional benefits of BOOSTit.

Crohn’s disease

According to the Mayo Clinic, Crohn’s disease is usually passed down by family members and it onsets before the age of 30. It is an inflammatory bowel disease that causes swelling of the digestive tract. As a result, it is hard for the body to take in the nutrients it needs. It can also lead to anemia due to the lack of iron or vitamin B-12.

Bariatric surgery

Bariatric surgery helps you lose weight by making changes to the digestive system. The Mayo Clinic says that it reduces your body’s ability to absorb nutrients or limits how much food you can eat, or both. One type of bariatric surgery can even cause malnutrition and vitamin deficiencies.

The itSpray advantage for the gut

Crohn’s disease and bariatric surgery make it harder for the digestive system to absorb enough nutrients. itSpray solutions allow your body to take in 85-95% of the nutrients in 30 seconds or less. You simply spray it under your tongue. The sprays do not need any binders or fillers that the body has to digest.

Nutritional advantage

BOOSTit supports the immune system and has many essential vitamins. The first is Vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system and improves iron absorption. BOOSTit includes vitamins A, D, and B-12 as well. One 7-spray dose a day can give Crohn’s patients some of the iron and vitamin B-12 that they lack.

Finally, the amino acid L-Glutamine is another important ingredient in BOOSTit. It supports gut health, because 70% of the cells that make up your immune system live in your gut walls.

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