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Spring Cleaning isn’t just for your home!

Time for spring cleaning! Before we get into that, I have a couple true confessions for everyone from this weekend.

  • My laptop went down last week & being a small business, I don’t have an IT department… so what do you do? You sit and wait for a new one to arrive. While I was waiting, I may have reorganized every nook & cranny in my house (while obsessively checking my phone for anything people needed from me).
  • Mom & Dad are my biggest fans, but they have no idea what I actually do, as a career. After fighting me on melatonin gummies, me giving her all the reasons DREAMit is better, she finally tried DREAMit. I got a call Tuesday, “Could you bring over more DREAMit? It is the only thing that works.”

Pantry organization goals

Ok confession over, moral of the story Spring Cleaning isn’t just for your house. Use this time of year to evaluate what you are doing for your health. Like Mom, maybe it is time you kick the old gummies out of your current routine. Gummies have gelatin & sugar in them. Absorption rate of gummies is around 20% for the average adult. If you are cutting them or trying to break them in pieces for your kids, forget about it. That round little sticky lump does not guarantee that the ingredients are evenly distributed.


Did you know that our bodies don’t store vitamins? It makes sense, but I never really thought about it. If you aren’t getting the vitamins you need eating healthy food throughout the day, every day, you need to make sure you are on top of your supplement game. When you take a sublingual vitamin like itSpray, absorption is almost immediate and your body uses 90%+ of the ingredients.

Spring Clean Your Sleep

The other thing my mom appreciates about DREAMit is the blend of ingredients she gets in every spray. Does your stress ever keep you from falling asleep? DREAMit helps on a couple levels. First there are ingredients that support sleep by easing your racing mind. There are also ingredients that help support healthy sleep cycles. You need light, REM and deep sleep every night. Healthy sleep cycles are how you wake up feeling refreshed with the necessary power you need to get through your day.

Spring Clean Your Energy

Speaking of powering through your day, you know that 3 pm slump? Yep, it is real. About 7-8 hours after you wake up your body goes into a sleepier period, which while totally normal, is not productive at work. Grabbing coffee or sugary soda doesn’t give your body the energy needed to focus until bedtime. CHARGEit blends natural ingredients to support energy, including a range of B-Vitamins, with Ginkgo and Ginseng to give you a little focus.

Spring Clean Your Immune System

One of the best ways to stay focused is to stay healthy. Remember that our bodies do not store vitamins. Are you confident you get what you need everyday from your diet? I know I don’t. (I guess that’s confession number 3.) BOOSTit has a wide range of ingredients to support your immune system. Vitamins like C & D are imperative for overall health. Ingredients like L-Glutamine support gut health. 70% of your immune system is in your gut. The saying you are what you eat is more true than we think. Beef, chicken, and lamb are some of the best sources, but if you are vegan it is harder to balance your diet.

8 Glutamine Rich Foods and How They Can Boost Your Muscle Strength – NDTV Food


Spring Cleaning for your healthy routine? Yep, it is time! itSpray is vegan, gluten free, non-GMO, and free from the fillers and binders that you find in pills, powders, and gummies. itSpray also uses monk fruit, an all-natural sweetener, so it is sugar free. You ready to clean-up your routine with itSpray?

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