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Simple Ways to Care For the Environment

As we celebrate Earth Day there is no better subject to discuss than how you can care for the environment! There are many simple things you can do to act as a good steward of the earth, including the products you use and the actions you take. We only have one planet which is why it is important we preserve it for as long as possible.

List of Simple Ways to Care for the Environment


The first way you can care for the environment is to do the obvious: recycle. Do your best to recycle all the products you can. It may take a little bit extra time to clean out food and drink containers but doing so will help the environment in the long run.

Use environmentally friendly products

There are many environmentally-friendly alternatives that you can use ranging from grocery bags to straws, to menstrual products.

Here is a list of a few eco-friendly alternatives from Business Insider:

  1. Biodegradable trash bags
  2. Metal straws 
  3. Pens made out of recycled water bottles
  4. Reusable coffee filters 

Buy products with less packaging

Rather than buying pre-cut, pre-packaged fruit and vegetables, buy them fresh. Fruits and vegetables come with a natural barrier for a reason. You can even grow your own vegetables. Check out our blog on planting your own backyard vegetable garden!

Additionally, when buying chips or other pre-packaged snacks, buy one large bag instead of a box with single-serve bags.



Volunteer with a local environmental group to help clean up a local park, beach, or highway. This not only helps keep the area looking nice and clean, but it also protects animals from consuming trash.

The environment and animals will thank you

Each of us has a small part we can play to care for the environment. If every single person did their part – used a metal straw or biodegradable trash bag – that’s billions of straws and trash bags that don’t end up in the ocean.

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