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Scrap the Standards and Live Fearlessly

Scrap the Standards and Live Fearlessly

These standards society places on us, on women, are just not fair. We are told to wear makeup, shave and wax everything, grow our hair out so it’s long and silky, wear heels to look sexy, get lip fillers, do squats for a bigger butt, get rid of hip dips… The list just goes on and on. To be quite honest, I can’t take it anymore. The more I try to achieve these standards of “beauty,” the more depressed I become. Personally, I don’t enjoy wearing a full face of makeup every day, but some women do! More power to them! There is nothing wrong with any of the standards I listed above. What’s wrong with them, is that they should not be standards. The standard should be to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Therefore, I say, scrap the standards and live fearlessly!

What does a healthy, balanced lifestyle look like?

A healthy, balanced lifestyle involves taking care of your mental, physical, and spiritual health. Many of us, myself included, tend to obsess over our appearance and therefore neglect our physical and spiritual health. This is extremely dangerous. It can lead to anxiety, depression, eating disorders, self-harm… you name it! We need to put just as much care into our minds and hearts as we do our physical bodies. We strive to feed our bodies healthy food and work out. Unfortunately, we aren’t as particular about what we feed our minds. This digital age traps us in a never-ending consumption cycle and stifles our creativity. It’s hard to live fearlessly when you aren’t creating and contributing to the world.

What does it mean to create?

According to Google, create means to “bring something into existence,” to “cause” something to happen. When we consume, our feelings and attitudes are the effects of what someone else created. For example, if you feel bad about yourself while scrolling through pictures of Instagram models, that feeling is an effect of what someone else created. Let me make one thing clear. There is nothing wrong with consuming media in moderation, but if we never create, then we’ll be constantly affected by the world around us, which can be awfully depressing at times. Creating can include anything from art and music to cooking or building something. It allows you to be your own person and develop skills that can “cause” a positive effect on this world. Therefore, get out there! Scrap the standards and live fearlessly. The world needs the creativity and ideas you have to offer!

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