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Read InclineHR’s Blog About Financial Freedom

The COVID-19 pandemic changed a lot about where and how we work. In lack of better words, it completely flipped the workforce upside down last year. Has the pandemic placed you at a career crossroads and caused you to reconsider your relationship with money? If so, I urge you to read InclineHR’s blog about financial freedom.

Excerpt from Incline Hr’s Blog “Financial Freedom: How to Know When to Pursue Your Dreams” 

Financial Health Impacts Career Decisions

“The Covid pandemic has changed the way some people view work. Individuals are pushing back on the pressure to perform under conditions that threaten their physical or mental health. See Simone Biles’ famous withdrawal from Olympic competition as a prime example.

After so much uncertainty surrounding the workplace, people are struggling in their journey of “what’s next?” Regardless of age, there’s a considerable number of executives who are asking Mid-Life Crisis questions: “What’s my purpose? And have I been living it out?”

Millionaires have delayed self-gratification and worked hard to build legacy wealth. They’ve put off vacations and made personal sacrifices. And they’re asking, “For what?”

As the pendulum swings, people are now seeking more psychological safety and establishing personal boundaries to protect their own physical health. We are prepared to jump ship rather than accept undesirable terms that appear to threaten our physical, emotional or spiritual security.

Executive Coaches don’t pretend to be financial planners, personal trainers, ministers, nor psychologists, but there’s an element to coaching that requires understanding the whole picture.

Sometimes, when you feel financial pressure, it impacts how you think through career decisions. You feel pressured to pursue a promotion.   Pressured to stay in a job that isn’t a good fit because you make great money, or you need the health insurance benefits.

If you find yourself at a career crossroads, take a holistic approach that first establishes healthy practices in all areas of your life. Allow yourself time to find a better balance – physically, mentally, spiritually, financially –before jumping into a new circumstance. Your career and life decisions stand a much better chance of serving you well after doing some self-work.

For instance, you may discover that your relationship with money has not been a healthy one.”

To read InclineHR’s complete blog about financial freedom, click here

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