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Prioritize Your Gut Health with itSpray

itSpray solutions put your gut health first. How you care for your gut has a large impact on other functions within your body. For instance, your gut houses 70% of immune cells in its walls. This article explains the importance of your digestive system and why you need to need to prioritize your gut health with itSpray.

Your gut…

  1. Is connected to mental health: According to Harvard Health, your stomach and intestinal problems can cause anxiety and depression. The opposite is true as well. For example, stress and anxiety are known to cause nausea and heartburn. If you have ever felt nervous enough to puke, then you know what I’m talking about.
  2. Plays a key role in immunity: 70% of your immune cells live in the gut walls. That’s over half of the immune cells in your entire body! Therefore, taking care of your digestive system boosts your immune system.
  3. Absorbs nutrients into the body: The walls of your intestines are responsible for transferring the nutrients from your food into your bloodstream. Food allergies, a weak gut lining, and microbiome imbalances lead to poor nutrient absorption according to CentreSpringMD. Nutrients
  4. Provides a home to the microbiome: This scientific word simply means a collection of bacteria. An article from Sage Wellness Center describes it as a community of bacteria that interact with one another. These bacteria are vital for many functions within the body, including immunity and hormone balance.

Your solution to gut health…prioritize your gut health with itSpray

BOOSTit by itSpray. This solution for immunity not only contains vitamin C, but L-Glutamine for gut health as well. The nutrients in BOOSTit enter the bloodstream in less than 30 seconds because you simply spray the product under your tongue. Its ingredients are all-natural and vegan as well.

Exciting News

We recently introduced a new BOOSTit formula with monk fruit sweetener and elderberry. To learn more about our new and improved BOOSTit, check out our press release on our website!