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Please Stop Weighing Yourself!

The scale is such a deceptive contraption. It doesn’t take into account the fact that you haven’t pooped for two days or that you’re on your period. It simply tells you a number. This number doesn’t tell you your body fat percentage or your muscle mass, is all it tells you is your gravitational force. Then why does this number make or break us? Why do we let this number define us and tell us our worth? If you have a bathroom scale that you check more than once a week, toss it. Put it in storage, give it to your mom, just don’t leave it out and let it taunt you. Weighing yourself every day is dangerous because weight fluctuates. That’s why I urge you: please stop weighing yourself, at least not more than once a week.

But what about BMI?

You may be thinking right now, “But isn’t my weight important to determine my BMI?” This is a valid question, but BMI isn’t a completely accurate representation of health either. Someone with a lot of muscle mass could have a BMI that is considered “overweight” even though they are not overweight or unhealthy.

please stop weighing yourself

This infographic shows the BMI scales for people underweight to extremely obese. To calculate your BMI, divide your weight in pounds (lbs) and divide by your height in inches (in) squared, and multiply by 703. Or you can search up a BMI calculator online and it’s much easier. The only problem with this calculation, as I mentioned above, is that it is not an accurate representation of your health. According to UW Medicine, “BMI’s strict categories don’t adjust based on things like your body type, age, race, or gender.” Simply because you have a normal BMI, doesn’t mean you have healthy habits. Muscle weighs more than fat, which the BMI doesn’t distinguish between.

Body Composition is More Important than Weight

The best way to gauge health is the body composition test or DEXA. According to Edward-Elmhurst Health, DEXA provides an accurate analysis of your fat, muscle, bone, and water mass. Unlike BMI, it is in-depth and can be used to identify risks and problems in the body before they occur.

For a cheaper and more accessible option than DEXA, you can use a hand-held body fat analyzer or a smart scale. The Bluetooth body fat smart scales are more affordable on Amazon. Again, there is no need to use these devices more than once a week.

Have Trouble Getting to the Gym?

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