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Signs You Are Not Getting Quality Sleep

Despite the all-nighters of college and the late nights hitting deadlines at work, a lack of rest will have considerable effects on your performance. If you’re having issues going to bed even when you have the time, you may need… [more]

itSpray founder

itSpray Founder interview in Authority Magazine

Kimberly Stiele, Founder of itSpray, was interviewed in Authority Magazine. Stiele can be quoted in the article as saying: People want to work harder for people they enjoy working for. They respect when their leaders hold them accountable and don’t… [more]

Spray Vitamin

Liquid Vitamins better Absorption vs. Pills

More absorption into body with liquid than pills Whether you’re feeling a little sluggish, poorly rested, or sniffly, a vitamin supplement can get you right back on track. On the market nowadays, you can even get these boosts in pill… [more]

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4 Reasons Athletes Love CHARGEit Energy Spray

When you’re a high-level athlete, you can’t afford to have off-days on the field or in the gym. While energy drinks can get you moving, their high caffeine and high sugar contents can make you feel jittery and leave you… [more]

Your More Complete Sleep Solution * Calm your mind, Fall asleep fast. Asleep in 10 minutes or less. No more groggy mornings.

Need Better Sleep? 4 tips to help.

If you’re one of 35% of adults who doesn’t get enough shuteye, it’s time for a change. May is Better Sleep Month, which raises awareness that your body needs at least seven hours of sleep a night to maintain productivity… [more]

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4 Ways to Boost Your Immune System with BOOSTit

Getting sick never happens at an opportune time. Whether it’s on the eve of a big client meeting or right before a much-anticipated vacation, you would do anything to avoid it. Your immune system should be working for you, not… [more]


Why We Use 5-HTP in DREAMit

Falling asleep happens in  2 stages- Seratonin release and Melatonin. Great sleep products help your body natural release the hormones required for sleep. Over the Counter PM products leverage pain killer and anti-histamines your body doesn’t need. Solo Melatonin pills… [more]

Why use all these... when all you need is this?

itSpray no filler no binder, just like you

itSpray, Oral Spray Vitamins, doesn’t require fillers and binders. Fillers in pills and powders are a leading cause of stomach irritation. itSpray is a highly concentrated liquid, that doesn’t require fillers and binders. Our sublingual delivery system bypasses your digestive… [more]