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DREAMit Sleep

DREAMit Sleep and Beauty Routine

DREAMit Sleep and Beauty Routine DREAMit is so proud to be amongst brands like Ole Henriksen, Dove & CeraVe. itSpray agrees, sleep is essential to any beauty routine. Use your mask, moisturizer and foot cream, for the finish DREAMit under… [more]

DREAMit Sleep

Product Spotlight: DREAMit

Product Spotlight: DREAMit. When evaluating your wellness routine, your sleep schedule is a big-ticket item. When you’re tossing and turning all night, you want the solution to be fast acting. Unlike other sleep aids, DREAMit is an oral spray that… [more]

DREAMit Sleep Spray

A Guide to Combating Jet Lag

A Guide to Combating Jet Lag. The eternal struggle of a frequent long-distance traveler is the persistent jet lag with each trip. While these big trips—either for work or play—typically warrant a packed schedule, all you want to do when… [more]


A Working Mom’s Guide to Health & Nutrition

A Working Mom’s Guide to Health & Nutrition. When juggling work, life, and family, mothers can often feel hard-pressed to create balance in their lives. Making time for yourself, however, is essential to making the most of your life as… [more]

Cutting Edge Solution, Proven Performance: Immunity, Energy, Sleep

New Line of Alternative Supplements in a Spray

Momtrepenuer Launches Solutions in a Spray – New Line of Alternative Supplements in a Spray This new line of alternative supplements in a spray help solve your everyday need for Immunity, Energy and Sleep. Oral Spray Supplements absorb faster than… [more]

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DREAMit Sleep Routine Featured On The Selfie Podcast

DREAMit as part of your sleep routine featured by the Selfie Podcast House. DREAMit’s benefits are featured on the Selfie podcast, where Kristen Howerton recommends including as part of your sleep routine. She and her family are using DREAMit for… [more]

modern mom

BOOSTit Featured in Modern Mom’s Travel Must Have

Thank you to Modern Mom for including Boostit as a travel must have this summer. Nothing is better than having one of your favorite blog’s share our favorite immunity spray. BOOSTit immune support spray is a daily dose of good… [more]