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DREAMit Sleep Spray

Dreamit for Wellness and Beauty this Travel Season

Rana Good shared with Forbes readers, Dreamit for Wellness and Beauty during Travel. Who hasn’t heard the phrase “beauty sleep”? DREAMit does just that, supports better sleep for wellness and beauty. As much as we like to talk about ourselves,… [more]

Bello mag BOOSTit

BelloMag says itSpray is an OBSESSION

Bello Mag says itSpray is an OBSESSION itSpray always takes an opportunity to talk about ourselves, but it is even better when you can quote someone “If you are looking for a natural energy boost, this is the product for… [more]

SHeridan Road DREAMit

DREAMit, newsworthy from Sheridan Road

October issue of Sheridan Road features DREAMit Sheridan Road suggests you check out Dreamit for sleep, it is newsworthy. itSpray is proud to be featured with great brands like Isle Jacobsen of Denmark and Fizz from idrinkproducts in Sheridan Road… [more]

ABCD Diaries- itSpray the Gift for Everyone’s Stocking

ABCD-Diaries Gift Guide Names itSpray a Top Stocking Stuffer Holiday gift giving isn’t complete without itSpray. Everyone on your Christmas list needs a little boost to their immunity, charge energy to get through shopping or sleep while they wait for… [more]

How Does Sleep Loss Affect Your Body?

How Does sleep loss affect your body? Sleep Loss affects your body in many different ways. Less than 7 hours of sleep per night can impact your total health. How does Sleep loss affect your body? Lack of sleep can… [more]

DREAMit Sleep

Understanding Menopause and Sleep

Understanding Menopause and Sleep When a woman begins menopause, it means that her body is slowly decreasing the production of hormones that dictate her cycle and fertility. The leading players in this process—the hormones estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone—can cause erratic… [more]


itSpray CHARGEit Review From a First-Time User

As a writer by trade, I have always been susceptible to the dreaded afternoon slump. As lunchtime graduates to the second half of the workday, I often find myself easing back into writing a little slower than I’d like. So,… [more]