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itSpray congratulates our friends at inclineHR

itSpray sends congratulations to our friends at inclineHR

Congratulations, launching a new website is always a big undertaking. We know because we have done it a few times! So itSpray congratulates inclineHR on their milestone.

Want to check out their new website incline HR ?

Wonder what incline HR does?

Words from Greg Cline, Founder & CEO, inclineHR


As a former HR Executive, the inefficiency and churn of Corporate America always gnawed at me. I rarely felt like I was positioned to make a real difference or help people lead their best lives.

A watershed moment for me was relocating a brand-new employee and his family 3,000 miles, just a week before having to lay him off. This experience left an indelible impression on me.

In 2016, with deep passion, expertise, and an amazing network as my tailwind, I founded inclineHR. Our mission is simple: we build exceptional leaders and organizations. It is amazingly gratifying to witness first hand when good feedback and actions collide to produce amazing results for our clients.

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So go check out our friends at inclineHR. Tell Greg itSpray says congratulations, then when you are ready to support your immune system, get sustained energy and support anxiety relief & sleep… stop over at itSpray .

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