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How to Throw a Virtual Galentine’s Day Party!

One of the greatest gifts that life has to offer is friendship. This Valentine’s Day you may not have a significant other to celebrate with, and that is okay! I used to dread Valentine’s Day because I have been single as a pringle every time February 14th rolls around. My freshman year of college, one of my friends threw a Galentine’s Day party to celebrate our friendship. We watched a rom-com, ate junk food, and had more fun than I’ve ever had on a date. Although given the present circumstances, this year is a little different. Stay tuned to learn how to throw a virtual Galentine’s Day Party over Zoom with your girlfriends!

Step 1: Decorate Galentine's day

You can’t throw a Galentine’s day party or any party for that matter without decorations—even if it’s over Zoom. Station your seat in front of a wall that you can hang decorations on. Party City sells  a cute decorating kit for this special occasion that comes with letter banner and heart cutouts. You can also find decorations on Esty and Amazon, or if you’re feeling creative, you can make them yourself!

Step 2: Cute Gift Packs

Before the virtual event, deliver cute Galentine’s day gift packs to your friends. You can use a mug, tumbler, box, or gift bag. You can fill it with chocolate covered strawberries, candy, jewelry, tea, or anything you know your friends will love. Remember one important thing: 99.999% of the time you cannot go wrong with anything chocolate. You also can’t go wrong with the gift of energy or a good night’s rest. Give your gals a solution for energy with CHARGEit or sleep with DREAMit.

CHARGEit, solution for energyDREAMit, solution for sleep

Step 3: Galentine’s Day Games

What is a party without games? Now-a-days you can find a variety of Galentine’s day themed games everywhere you look from trivia to bingo. Buy a pack of printable games from Etsy that you can easily play over zoom. Some of these games include Galentine’s day Scattergories, This or That, and What’s on Your Phone?

Step 4: Invitations

galentines day

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels








Even though the Galentine’s day party is virtual, doesn’t mean you can’t send out invitations. Either mail your gals handmade invites or send them out virtually.


Hopefully this article provided you with some good tips on how to throw a virtual Galentine’s day party with your gals!