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How Does Sleep Loss Affect Your Body?

How Does sleep loss affect your body?

Sleep Loss affects your body in many different ways. Less than 7 hours of sleep per night can impact your total health. How does Sleep loss affect your body? Lack of sleep can lead to weight gain, mood swings, memory loss and most importantly, poor heart health. One natural solution to better sleep is DREAMit.

Just 16 minutes shaved off your regular sleep routine can dramatically impact job performance the next day. A new study shows that slight dip of sleep causes workers to have poor judgement and fall off-task. Losing just 16 minutes of sleep could be the difference between a clear-headed day at the office or one filled with distractions.

A new study published in the Sleep Health (Journal of the National Sleep Foundation) finds shorting your sleep routine during the work-week greatly interferes with job performance. University of South Florida researchers found workers are more likely to have poor judgement and fall off-task the next day.

If you’re tired of lying awake all night, or dreaming of a solid nights sleep, forget the pills and gummies! DREAMit vitamin spray is a quick and effective way to get a restful night’s sleep! A drug-free herbal sleep aid to help you wake up refreshed and have the day you deserve.

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