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Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas!

You all know what time of year it is – and before anyone says Christmas, let me remind you not to skip over Halloween. Spooky season is among us and trick-or-treating is just around the corner. If you still haven’t decided what to dress up as do not fear, I have some fun, homemade Halloween costume ideas for you inspired by movies!

Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas!

Miss Trunchbull from “Matilda”

If you haven’t seen this late 90’s film with Danny Devito, then you are missing out. Go and watch it right now!

homemade halloween costume idas

Photo credit: UNILAD

The main parts of this costume include a gray hoodie, black sweatpants, combat boots, and a belt. For the “1972 Olympics,” you can buy some iron-on letters and numbers!

Costume Components:

  • Gray hoodie – $11.89 on Amazon
  • Black sweatpants – $15.99 on Amazon
  • Thick brown belt – $12.99 on Amazon
  • Iron-on letters – You can find at Walmart for $5
  • Black fingerless weightlifting glove (you can use weightlifting or just cotton gloves): $8 on Amazon

Napoleon from “Napoleon Dynamite”

This nostalgic film from 2004 is nothing short of… well I still haven’t figured out the point of the movie. Nonetheless, it is a movie whose quotes and quirky characters live on forever.

homemade halloween

Actresses Camila Medes and Lili Reinhart dress up as this famous duo from the movie!

homemade halloween











The best part about this costume is that if you have a friend, they can be Pedro and you can be the ultimate duo. The costumes for both characters are pretty simple. You can find a premade “Vote for Pedro” shirt on Amazon or even

Costume components:

  • Jeans – I hope you already own a pair of jeans, but if you want more of a vintage look, I suggest a thrift store.
  • “Vote for Pedro” shirt – $14.89 on Amazon
  • Wig and glasses kit – $21.95 on Amazon

Boo from Monster’s Inc

This costume is fun because it is extremely simple and you can use it as a last-minute Halloween costume!

Boo     boo halloween costume

Costume components:

  • Pink t-shirt –  If you don’t already have one, you can get a pink t-shirt from Walmart for $3.98
  • Purple leggings – You can find a pair of purple leggings at your local Walmart or TjMaxx or you can order some on Amazon for $4.99
  • White sneakers or white socks – If you don’t have white sneakers, honestly, you can wear any type of sneakers. People will get the idea if you have the shirt, leggings, and pigtails.

Sandy from Grease

Sandy from Grease is an iconic Halloween costume. Some might say it’s overdone, but I say it’s classic and chic.

sandy from grease sandy from grease

This costume can be as simple or as intricate as you want it. You can stick to the detail of her costume right down to the gold hoops and red-lined leather jacket.

Costume components:

  • Black shirt – For the black 0ff-the-shoulder shirt, you can simply use a black t-shirt like the girl on the left. You can even use a tank top, tube-top… it doesn’t really matter as long as it’s black and tight.
  • Black leather pants – You can use black leggings or black skinny jeans instead of black leather pants if you don’t have any.
  • Heels – If you don’t have red heels, a pair of black heels will do. You can also have some fun and wear red converse instead.
  • Black leather jacket – If you don’t have a black leather jacket and don’t want to get one, don’t worry about it, it’s not essential to the costume.
  • Black belt – Any black belt out of your closet will work just fine!

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