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Give inclineHR’s Time Management Blog a Read!

Time management is just plain difficult sometimes. Attempting to juggle everything life throws at you is overwhelming no matter what job you have. Whether you’re a full-time parent, CEO, or student, you may feel that you simply never have enough time for everything and everyone. If you’re struggling, give inclineHR‘s time management a read and regain control of your calendar!

10 Calendar Tips to Make Your Day Unbelievably Great

Mar 23, 2021 | Executive Coaching

Audit Your Time Budget

How much time each day do you spend just thinking?

We invariably ask this question of clients in our executive coaching program who want to make a bigger impact within their organization.

The majority of responses we get reveal an immediate opportunity for growth – both for the individual and the company: “About 7 to 10 minutes while I’m in the shower.”

That’s not enough.

Your job as a leader is to connect the dots, cast vision, solve problems, and motivate your people to deliver the company’s brand promise. Those parts of your job description demand more think time than it takes to brush your teeth, shave, or put on make-up.

Take Charge of Your Time and Energy 

You get paid to perform, right? In our last blog, “Spring Forward,” we touched on what happens when you stay in the Performance Zone too long. Your mind, body, and spirit begin calling for a break. Without a purposeful pause to recharge, your high-performance state could slide into burn-out or worse.

Do you find your daily routine has been hijacked by Outlook? Others’ emails become your urgencies and calendar invitations litter your 9-to-5 landscape. If so, “Hello, Survival Zone.”

Be mindful of the toll it takes to be at the top of your game 24/7 and unplug occasionally to manage your energy. “Go slow to go fast.”

Time Blocking and Other Calendar Tenets

Rather than allowing your calendar to run your day, do what the most-effective executives do; ruthlessly manage your daily schedule. This may include saying “no” from time to time. The final outcome is usually worth a calendar rejection or rescheduled meeting along the way.

We have 10 Tenets for Executive Calendar Management in the infographic below. Can’t do all ten?  Pick five and begin following them today.  We think you’ll be amazed at the changes you see by the end of next quarter.




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