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Fun Park Workouts to do this Summer

Enjoy the beautiful summer weather and do your workouts outside! Keep reading for a few fun park workouts to do this summer.

Park Workouts for Summer

Jungle Gym Stairs

  • Staggered Squats: You can do “staggered squats” on the jungle gym stairs. Place one foot on the ground and the other foot on the lowest step and do 15 squats. Then turn around, switch legs, and do 15 more!

  • Incline/decline push-ups: Incline push-ups are best for beginners. To do them place both feet on the ground and both hands on the first or second step. Keep your hands under your shoulders, keep your booty and core tight, and push up and down 10-15 times. Decline push-ups are simply the opposite. Place your feet on the steps and your hands on the ground.

Park Bench

  • Tricep Dips: To do so, grip the front edges of the bench with your hands and hover your booty just off and in front of the bench. Keep your feet flat on the ground and legs bent so your thighs are parallel to the floor. Then straighten your arms and lower and lift your body while engaging your triceps.
  • Bulgarian Squats: To do these, place one foot flat on the ground and rest the top of your other foot on the bench. Keep your abs engaged and back straight. Lower your back knee close to the ground and engage your glutes while you raise and lower. This workout looks similar to a lunge.

If you want some more fun park workout routines to do this summer, check out and Boston Magazine! For a fun at-home cardio workout, check out our cardio kickboxing blog!

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