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Four Tips and Tricks for New Runners

Four Tips and Tricks for New Runners

No one starts out running a marathon or even a 5K. Babies crawl before they take their first wobbly steps.  In the movie Brittany Runs a Marathon, Brittany made the decision to get in shape and start running. The first day, she put on her Converse sneakers and ran to the end of the block. At the end of the movie she ran the New York City marathon. This article gives four tips and tricks for new runners to help you successfully start your journey! Remember, every marathon begins with that first stride.

Warm up and cool down

Before you step out of your house and race down the sidewalk, warm up by walking for about five to ten minutes. According to a Healthline article,“muscles respond better to the stress the body puts on them when they’ve been warmed up.” After your run, do a cool down walk for five to ten minutes as well to bring your heart rate down.

Start with intervals

Interval running is a great way for beginners to improve at running. There are many free interval workout apps that you can download, like Intervals Pro. Begin by setting the intervals to 30 seconds walking and 30 seconds running. Do this for one week and then increase your running interval time to 45 seconds. Add 15 seconds to your running interval time at your own pace. This type of training is a great way to gauge your improvement and increase your cardiovascular endurance.

Stretch after the run rather than before

Most fitness professionals and doctors recommend warming up before running but do not advise stretching. The United Kingdom National Health Service refers to research suggesting that pre-exercise stretching will weaken your muscles and even slow them down and will not reduce the risk of injury. Although, post-exercise stretching is recommended since the muscles are warm and more flexible.

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Tips and Tricks for New Runners