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Every Bottle of itSpray is Triple Checked

itSpray is triple checked!

Our commitment at Benesprays is to create quality products we are willing to let our families use. Which is why every batch of itSpray is quality checked at three points during the it’s production.

Checkpoint #1:

Every ingredient that is used for BOOSTit, CHARGEit and DREAMit get checked for purity when they arrive at the facility. itSpray uses top quality ingredients, but you can never be too sure. With vitamins, herbs, amino acids and minerals there isn’t a 100% sight test. The only true way to confirm is to do lab testing.

Checkpoint #2

Once the product is made in large 165 gallon batches, we take samples and send then to a third party. The third party facility tests for purity & potency. They look at the labels on each bottle and confirm what is on the inside is also on the outside! Each batch of BOOSTit, CHARGEit and DREAMit is then issues a certificate of authenticity. Although additional time and money is required for all of this testing, itSpray believes integrity is critical for consumer confidence.

Checkpoint #3

The bottling facility itSpray uses is top of the line. Only fractions of seconds elapse between the liquid being put in the bottles & the bottles being secured. This process is really cool and you can see it on our You Tube Channel itSpray You Tube

At the beginning of the bottling process we run a third round of safety checks this time for microbials before bottling. The liquid is again sent to an outside lab and we have to wait up to 5 days just to confirm BOOSTit, CHARGEit and DREAMit are high quality products. Once the tests return products are bottled sealed and kept in a climate controlled environment.

Now that you have read all about how itSpray is triple checked what do you need?

BOOSTit for immune support and gut health

CHARGEit for sustained energy and mental focus

DREAMit for anxiety relief and healthy sleep support

it is ok if you even want to try them all!


itSpray all