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Dorm Room Essentials for a Great Year

Unfortunately, summer went by way too fast! It’s about time to go back to school shopping for supplies and clothing. Since I’m going into my last semester of college this fall, I am packing extra light. If you are about to go into college and have no idea what dorm supplies to get, stay tuned! My 18-year-old self can relate – therefore I am going to share with you a list of dorm room essentials for a great semester and year!

Dorm Room Essentials for a Great Year

Shower Caddy and flip-flops

If you are going to be living in a community-style dorm, you’ll definitely want a caddy for your shower supplies and toiletries. Flip flops are also a must if you don’t want to get a staph infection. Trust me, it happens!

Desk Lamp

Do not come to college without one of these! If your roommate decides to crash at 10 pm and you have a paper due by midnight, you’re gonna need some lamplight unless you go to the library. My college’s library closes at midnight, so that’s not an option for me.


If you are moving somewhere extremely dry or humid, one of these is a good idea, especially if your dorm doesn’t have central A/C. In the second dorm I lived in, it was extremely humid during the summertime. Mold would grow in some girls’ shoes and in the shower. I bought a humidifier to avoid that tragedy.

Bed-side fan

Rarely do dorm rooms have ceiling fans, therefore I would recommend a bedside fan, not only for airflow but for your roommates snoring.

Laundry basket

Most dorms have a laundry room, and please do not throw your dirty clothes all over the floor. Trust me, your roommate will not appreciate it.

Laundry drying rack

You will definitely want a drying rack for your delicate clothes and bras that cannot be placed in the dryer.

Command hooks

If you want to decorate the walls of your dorm room so it doesn’t look like a mental hospital ward, you’re gonna want a pack of these.

Extension chord

Usually, dorm rooms have very minimal outlets, and if you need to charge your phone and computer while using your lamp, an extension cord is a necessity.

Miniature safe

Usually, you don’t know your roommate before moving into college. Not only that, but when you are both rushing to class, you may forget to lock your door. Therefore, a miniature safe is necessary to lock up cash and other valuables, unless you plan on being original and hiding them in your underwear drawer. I don’t recommend the latter.

Twin-sized Bedding

Well, this is an obvious one, but if you don’t want to take your bedding from home, Amazon has a great selection at affordable prices!

DREAMit for a Good Night’s Rest

DREAMit Sleep Spray

Getting used to a new home can take a while, especially when that home is a small space you have to share with a stranger. DREAMit is the ultimate natural sleep aid while you take on this new chapter of your life. Adequate sleep is important to excel in school, therefore DREAMit is more than just a dorm room essential: it’s a college essential!