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Discover Why Customers Love itSpray

Discover Why Our Customers Love itSpray!

Check out our video to learn how our products provide real solutions for real people. Our customers love itSpray because our solutions have helped them create healthy habits.

Customer Reviews

“I really like the fact that it is all natural.” ~ Kristina (Amazon Customer)

“My husband and I take the full dose and have been falling asleep faster and sleeping better.” ~ Julie H.

“The spray bottle is convenient for me to carry in my pocket and anytime.” ~ John

“This stuff is seriously amazing!!! I WILL NOT STOP BUYING THIS!!!!! 100% RECOMMEND.” ~ Stacey Q. (Amazon Customer).


Discover why customers love itSpray

All of our sprays provide solutions for your health needs!

Each spray contains all-natural ingredients and doesn’t have any calories or sugar. They contain 25 doses and you can take them anywhere. Each bottle is 1 oz and TSA-compliant. Therefore, you can throw them in your purse, diaper bag, or carry-on luggage. The vitamins and nutrients bypass the digestive system and absorb under the tongue in less than 30 seconds!

CHARGEit is your solution for increased energy! It contains essential b vitamins the body cannot produce on its own such as B-12 and B6. Other ingredients include Ginseng to fight fatigue and Ginko Biloba to enhance cardiovascular function and provide mental clarity.

DREAMit is your solution for a good night’s rest! It is made up of natural ingredients such as valerian root, passion flower, and lemon balm extract. Additionally, DREAMit contains melatonin, an essential sleep hormone, and 5HTP

BOOSTit is your solution for immune support! It contains zinc to support skin and strengthen nails as well as L-Glutamine to support the immune cells in your gut. BOOSTit also contains vitamins A, D, B-12, B2 and Vitamin C, which has been shown to reduce blood pressure, improve iron absorption and strengthen the immune system when taken regularly.