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Daily Self-Motivation and Gratitude Practices

Man, I’ll be honest, I really don’t want to go back to school this semester. I have one semester left of college, and I am just not feeling motivated this year. I have to get my head in the game so I can finish my degree strong. There are just so many things I tell myself I don’t want to do, or things I want to do but can’t do since I’ll be at school. I’ve realized if I want to have an enjoyable four months at school, I need to have a more positive outlook. Complaining to others, negative self-talk, and focusing on what I don’t get to do, is not helpful. Therefore, I brainstormed and researched daily self-motivation and gratitude practices to help me have a good semester! I want to share them with you because hopefully, they will help you wherever you’re at in life as well!

Daily Self-Motivation and Gratitude Practices

Three Good Things

According to an article from UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, the practice of writing down three good things daily helps you tune into the positive events in your life. It gives you space each day to dwell on your blessings. The article instructs readers to take 10 minutes at the end of each day to write down three positive experiences they had. Then provide an explanation of why the experience was good. Include detail in the description and record how it made you feel as well. Alternatively, you can simply write down three things you are grateful for, they don’t need to be specific experiences.

Self-affirmations and Motivations

This practice is actually something my dad taught me because negative self-talk became a bad habit of mine. My dad had me write down five positive things about my personality and behavior every day. For example, “I am a caring sister,” or “I am a hard-working student.” I would also explain why those affirmations were true. “I am a caring sister because I took my little sister to get ice cream.” Also, “I am a hard-working student because I studied for two hours today.” Reflecting on what we like about ourselves isn’t cocky, it is a way to practice self-love. Ultimately when we love ourselves, we can love others better as well.

Meditation of Past Experiences

My therapist taught me this practice when I was in high school. She told me to take at least five minutes each day to sit in silence and reflect on positive experiences. She had me remember the scenery, the people, and how the experience made me feel. When I did this daily meditation, I felt more content and positive throughout the day. Ultimately, this practice reigned in and centered my thoughts.

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