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A College Student’s Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle

A College Student’s Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle

You have probably heard about the dreaded freshman 15 or even experienced it yourself. Then you a college student’s guide to a healthy lifestyle. College presents a new set of challenges and responsibilities. It involves more self-motivation and time-management than high school. Finding time to exercise, eat healthy, and get enough sleep can be difficult. This article provides some useful guidelines to help you live a healthy lifestyle as a college student.

  1. Create an Exercise Schedule

    You will be more likely to work-out if you designate specific times and dates to do so. Write it into your schedule and treat it like a class or shift at work. Once it becomes part of your weekly routine, it will eventually develop into a habit.

  2. Eat Three Healthy Meals Each Day

    When you skip meals during the day, you are far more likely to snack and overeat at night. Create a habit of eating three meals a day. If you don’t have time for lunch, prepare something in the morning or the night before that you can eat on-the-go. Try to incorporate the five food groups into your meals for a well-balanced diet.

  3. Make Time for Yourself

    Between all of the studying, socializing, working, and planning for the future, you may have little-to-no alone time. Making the time to relax, play an instrument, watch a movie, or listen to music ar important to your well-being. Time to yourself – to do what you want and simply veg out – will help you do well in your classes and avoid burnout.


  4. Avoid Energy Drinks

    You may be tempted to reach for a can of Red Bull in the morning to get you through your 8 a.m. class. While it does give you a quick burst of energy, it’ll make you crash later in the day. Instead of filling your dorm fridge with energy drinks and soda, try CHARGEit. It is not only a solution for energy but helps with focus and mental clarity as well. It is an affordable, on-the-go alternative to energy drinks and won’t take up your fridge space. When your energy is depleted and you need a quick recharge in between classes, pull CHARGEit out of your pocket and just a few sprays will have you feeling like new!

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