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Check Out itSpray featured in Drug Store News

Check Out itSpray featured in Drug Store News

A recent article by Drug Store News titled, discusses the growing interest in immunity products. It features a variety of products and quotes from entrepreneurs in the vitamin industry. Check Out itSpray featured in Drug Store News and read what founder Kimberly Stiele has to say about immunity.

Introduction: “Playing defense: The immunity category is thriving”

Immunity products went from the back of the medicine chest to front and center, all in the time it took for a pandemic to sweep the globe.

As many mass retail industry officials quickly realized, if there is one thing consumers learned during the first stages of the COVID-19 crisis, it is that they need to pay attention to their health all the time. Shoppers who once bought symptom relief products only when they felt sick shifted to pantry loading when the pandemic hit. Now they are buying immune products proactively, and this move to constant purchasing and replenishing gives retailers an opportunity for a sales boost throughout the year.

Drug Store News quotes Benesprays founder Kimberly StieleitSpray - Living 808

Retailers also should keep in mind that gut health and sleep are important factors in immune health. “Seventy percent of immune health is in your gut,” said Kimberly Stiele, founder of Benesprays, which makes itSpray. “They need to look at gut health. It’s not just zinc or vitamin C or vitamin D.” The Largo, Fla.-based company makes oral sprays in BOOSTit immune support, CHARGEit energy and DREAMit sleep varieties. Sleep is an important part of immune health, Stiele said, because lack of sleep can stress the immunity system.

The sprays offer a variety of immune health-related solutions with an innovative delivery system. “With pills and gummies, there are so many fillers and binders that you get so little of what’s in there, so you have to take larger quantities,” Stiele said.”

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