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The #1 Best Alternative to Energy Drinks

Are you someone who relies on energy drinks to get through a tough work day? Do you find it difficult to push through difficult tasks without the added boost of an energy drink? If so, then it’s possible that you could be addicted to energy drinks. Energy drinks are a great energy boost, but they often rely on a combination of caffeine and sugar. This deadly combination can not only makes them addictive, but also pretty unhealthy. We’re here to provide the #1 best alternative to energy drinks. 


Why are energy drinks unhealthy? 

The vast majority of energy drinks on the market are extremely high sugar. Some even contain upwards of 60 grams in just one can! Additionally, even if the drink says “zero sugar,” it’s possible that the ingredients list contains sugar alcohols, which are similarly unhealthy. 


According to a study found in the National Institute of Health, sugary drinks result in weight gain. Furthermore, high-sugar drinks are even listed as one of the leading causes of the American obesity crisis. Thus, it’s best to avoid these drinks as much as possible!


Short Term vs. Long Term Energy

At the end of the day, it’s always better to rely on long term energy sources. Long term energy comes from our diet and exercise habits. Consuming plenty of protein and exercising regularly are both ways to energize long term.


That being said, nobody is perfect. With our busy lives, sometimes a quick energy boost is what we need. It’s no different from a cup of coffee or a brisk walk outside for fresh air. So, stick with a healthy diet to keep long term energy up. However, when you need a quick energy boost, opt for a healthier choice. At itSpray, we’ve got a fantastic alternative to energy drinks to offer. 


The #1 Alternative to Energy Drinks

CHARGEit is our vitamin supplement which provides a healthy, immediate energy boost. CHARGEit contains zero calories and zero sugar. Instead of relying solely on caffeine, CHARGEit also contains natural energy-boosters like Ginseng and Gingko Biloba. The combination of caffeine and natural ingredients creates a healthy, enriching energy boost with no crash. 


Beyond the ingredients, CHARGEit kicks in faster than energy drinks. The spray delivery method absorbs into the bloodstream 95% faster than any drink or pill. How, you may ask? Well, by spraying the supplement beneath the tongue, we bypass the digestive system altogether.

If you’re ready to kick your energy drink addiction to the curb, then CHARGEit is for you. itSpray has your back. Purchase the best alternative to energy drinks now, on our website, or on Amazon. Make the change!