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5 Habits of a Healthy Nighttime Routine

Implementing healthy routines into our lives can be a difficult pursuit. Morning and nighttime routines are of paramount importance when it comes to our health. We’ve outlined 5 habits of any healthy nighttime routine. By making these small changes, you can transform your nighttime routine for better sleep, and a better you.

What is a healthy nighttime routine? 

A nighttime routine refers to the habits observed in the hours immediately prior to sleep. The central goal of a healthy nighttime routine is to bolster the quality of sleep. Waking up well-rested and non-groggy starts the day off on a positive note. Thus, establishing a strong nighttime routine can also reduce stress and increase productivity. By observing these healthy habits, you can take your nighttime routine to the next level. 


1. Put your phone away.

Studies have shown that technology usage before bed worsens quality of sleep. A healthy nighttime routine requires taking measures to unwind and prepare for sleep. Putting your phone away will signal that the day is done, and sleep approaches. Instead of watching television or scrolling through social media in bed, try reading a book. Also, try placing your phone on the opposite corner of the room. Physical distance will make it easier to resist the temptation of technology usage. 


2. Drink tea or water. 

Drinking water or warm tea is a great way to relax the body. Try out a sleepytime tea or herbal blend. Just make sure there is no caffeine in your tea of choice. 


3. Stretch.

Physical relaxation is just as important as mental relaxation in a healthy nighttime routine. A hot shower and some comfortable pajamas are a great place to start. The best way to physically relax is by stretching. Basic yoga can be very effective in reducing tension in the body. 


4. Practice personal hygiene.

One of the most critical components of a healthy nighttime routine is personal hygiene. These steps are simple, and most likely already integrated into your routine. For just the basics, be sure to brush your teeth, floss, wash your face, and apply moisturizer. 


5. Take a natural sleep aid. 

Lastly, a natural sleep aid tops off any healthy nighttime routine. Remember: the central goal of the nighttime routine is to guarantee good quality sleep. The itSpray DREAMit spray is the cherry on top of a healthy nighttime routine. DREAMit is the ultimate spray supplement to help guarantee a restful night of sleep. DREAMit contains all natural ingredients that go beyond just melatonin. Best of all, DREAMit uses a spray delivery method for instantaneous absorption. Additionally, there is no need to sit and wait for a pill to “kick in,” when DREAMit works immediately. 


Ultimately, a healthy nighttime routine comes down to setting consistent habits. Also, by standardizing your nighttime routine, you are more likely to experience good quality sleep. Furthermore, sleep is a catalyst for better habits during the daytime. Give these tips a try, and watch your productivity soar!