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5 Benefits of Walking, Plus Easy Health Tips

When it comes to cardio options, walking is far too often overlooked. Walking has tons of health benefits. Further, walking is a great way to integrate healthy habits into your day without a hefty time commitment. The benefits of walking include not only physical health, but also mental health. For overall better wellness, walking is a great–and easy–place to start.


1. Clear your mind.

We all live incredibly busy lives. One benefit of walking is that it provides an opportunity to step away from the chaos of it all. Taking a walk is a fantastic way to take a break and feel refreshed. Further, returning to work after a relaxing break can make everyday tasks more enjoyable.


EASY HEALTH TIP: Rather than walking on a treadmill or indoors, opt for an outdoor walk. Taking in the fresh air and natural scenery can be beneficial to your mental health. Therefore, you can support both physical and mental health simultaneously.


2. Burn calories.

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of walking is that it can burn calories. Exercise that burns calories is a fantastic way to lose weight. The number of calories burned while walking is dependent upon several factors. Pace, distance, and body weight are all things that can vary the number of calories burned while walking.


3. Self-reflection.

Self-reflection is absolutely critical to strong mental health. The evaluation and assessment of your emotions is extremely important to mental clarity. Additionally, moments of calm self-reflection are great for increasing gratitude. even found a scientific link between gratitude and happiness.


4. Build leg muscle.

Another benefit of walking is that it can help build muscle in the legs. For example, walking on terrain that is uphill can help build calf muscles.


EASY HEALTH TIP: To be safe while taking walks, it’s important to wear good quality shoes. Specifically, shoes with good arch support will help reduce soreness after walking.


5. Reduce screen time.

We’re told constantly that excessive screen time is detrimental to physical and mental health. One benefit of walking is that it provides an opportunity to unplug. Even if you choose to listen to music while walking, you still aren’t staring into the screen for the whole duration. Rather, you have the opportunity to enjoy natural scenery and explore a new path.


At itSpray, we often speak on how a healthy lifestyle comes from small, consistent habits. Walking is a great habit to integrate into your life for stronger wellness. Next time you’re feeling down or overwhelmed, head outside and enjoy the many benefits of walking!