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4 Hacks for Better Sleep

If you’re one of 35% of adults who doesn’t get enough shuteye, it’s time for a change. May is Better Sleep Month, which raises awareness that your body needs at least seven hours of sleep a night to maintain productivity throughout the day. To make the most of this time in bed, you need consistency. Whether it’s a screen-free evening or the help of a sleep aid, here are some ways to achieve a better night’s rest. Below are some great tips for better sleep.

Healthy Habits for Better Quality Sleep

1. Avoid Caffeine After Lunch

Coffee may be your best friend first thing in the morning at your desk, but that doesn’t mean it should be your constant companion throughout the day. Studies show that your body needs at least six hours to dispel the effects of a caffeine boost from your system if you want to have a restful sleep. Instead, ditch that 2 p.m. diet soda in favor of your water bottle, especially since staying hydrated can be an excellent way to keep your energy up throughout the day.

2. Get Off Your Phone

While scrolling through social media during bedtime is a habit everyone is guilty of, steer clear of your phone screen as much as possible when the sun goes down. Blue light exposure—which is found in abundance in lighted phone and computer screens—essentially tricks your brain into believing it’s daytime. When that happens, you subconsciously can’t go to bed since your body thinks it should be awake. Best practice for a better night’s sleep is to unplug at least two hours before bedtime, but if you can’t stay away, most smartphones will have a night mode that will limit blue light exposure during certain hours.

3. Set a Consistent Bedtime

Your internal clock is ultimately the pivotal guide to sleeping well. To maximize your energy throughout the day, try to make a bedtime and wake-up call and stick to them. When you incorporate consistency into your nighttime routine, your circadian rhythm and melatonin levels are less interrupted, which allows your brain to signal itself to sleep restfully. Sticking to these habits also requires minimizing napping throughout the day. While it can give you a short-term aid, napping more than 30 minutes in the middle of your day can make you feel groggy once you wake up and later disrupt your nighttime routine.

4. Use a Sleep Aid

Sometimes, even a healthy routine can result in a night of tossing and turning, which is when you can turn to a sleep aid. The majority of the products on the market incorporate melatonin, which again, your body produces naturally to get you to fall asleep. Natural sleep aids like itSpray’s DREAMit includes calming agents like valerian root and chamomile to help your body release serotonin, which targets deep slumber. DREAMit, in particular, kicks in within 90 seconds—almost unheard of for a sleep aid—and doesn’t leave you with grogginess the next morning. You can even take it later at night when you need help falling asleep.

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