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4 Reasons Athletes Love CHARGEit Energy Spray

When you’re a high-level athlete, you can’t afford to have off-days on the field or in the gym. While energy drinks can get you moving, their high caffeine and high sugar contents can make you feel jittery and leave you wiped post-training. For a quick boost of energy without the crash, itSpray’s CHARGEit spray can be an excellent solution for active lifestyles.

Benefits of CHARGEit Energy Spray for Athletes

1. Crash-Free

The most substantial drawback of typical energy drinks for athletes is the crash. While they psych you up for a little while, you eventually feel drained as a result of the ingredient taurine. This amino acid exists naturally in the body to offset anxiety during exercise or stressful situations, and sports drinks use it synthetically to mitigate the effects of high caffeine intake. As a result, taurine plays a role in a crash because once the energy runs out, it essentially sedates the brain.

CHARGEit offers a drug-free refresh without the eventual exhaustion because it uses a better energy source. Natural guarana fuels athletic performance and mental ability through a composition of caffeine, theophylline, and theobromine working together. The balance of these three contents of guarana offset the draining side effect that energy drinks typically have. CHARGEit is also gluten-free with zero calories and zero sugar, further allowing the natural energy boost to do its job without other crash-worthy factors getting in the way.

2. Convenient

Athletes have enough heavy equipment to worry about during training and big games, making convenience the highest priority for other essentials. CHARGEit comes in a portable, pocket-sized bottle that can go with you anywhere. Whether in your duffel bag on the sidelines or in your carry-on as you jet set to your next tournament, its lightweight, TSA-compliant packaging can fit in a small pocket.

Plus, you don’t have to consume a large drink to reap the benefits. All of itSpray’s products only require up to seven spritzes under your tongue to feel the effects. You don’t even need water to use it, meaning more time in the game, and less time on bathroom breaks.

3. Fast-Acting

Liquid vitamins are the most effective way of taking a supplement like an energy booster. The body only digests between three and 20% of pill vitamins, while a liquid form ends up getting about 98% absorbed. This leap is because it doesn’t have to undergo digestive processing and instead goes immediately to work throughout the body.

We recommend that our customers spray our products under their tongue because the tissue there instantly absorbs the liquid, which delivers it directly into your bloodstream. The lack of delay, especially for CHARGEit, gives athletes the ability to spray and get right to work instead of struggling through a workout until their energy drink kicks in.

CHARGEit oral spray

4. B-Vitamins athletes need for peak performance the authority in running, fitness and nutrition says:

“B-Vitamins are of particular interest to athletes because they play a role in many metabolic processes that are directly related to exercise performance, including energy production, red blood cell formation, and muscle building/repair.”

There are lots of other great tips in their article

CHARGEit provides more than a daily dose of multiple B Vitamins. It is essential that you consume B-Vitamins daily because your body neither produces them nor stores B Vitamins.


Athlete Chargeit

Are you one of the many  athletes ready to Buy CHARGEit energy spray, for sustained energy fast and no crash


For athletes on the go, itSpray has a liquid vitamin to support your body before, during, and after every workout. Our easy-to-use, fast-acting products can keep you healthy and charged up during the day and help you recover at night. For more information about our trio of sprays, call (813) 603-8190 today.