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itSpray, as part of your healthy routine

Healthy routine is so important, at any age Thank you to blogger Victoria H for sharing healthy routine ideas for your late 20’s. itSpray thinks there is a lot of value for any age. She recommends that you use itSpray, as… [more]

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Support your immune system with BOOSTit Spray

Are you supporting your immune system with BOOSTit Spray? One look at the CDC’s Influenza report will tell you we are in PEAK season. Whether it is Influenza, Norovirus, RSV, Coronavirus, or one of the many other strings of sickness floating around,… [more]

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itSpray for Health and Wellness Goals

Let itSpray help with Health & Wellness Goals That is what @ToledoParent shared with their readers. “BOOST your immunity, CHARGE your energy, and DREAM peacefully at night with itSpray, a vitamin you spray under your tongue, an easy way to… [more]

BOOSTit Immunity Spray on best flight products list

BOOSTit Immunity Spray Made it onto EPOCH TIMES List of Best Flight Products. “A few spritzes of Boost, Charge, or Dream by itSpray (itSpray.com; $24.99 for 25 doses) can make a big difference in your travel plans. Whether you opt… [more]


BELLO Magazine featured itSpray’s DREAMit (Gift Guide)

Another gift guide, this time DREAMit was featured by BELLO. DREAMit is the perfect gift for anyone on your list who needs a few more zzzzzz’s. itSpray uses a sublingual delivery system, which means faster delivery and high absorption than… [more]