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About Benesprays and Our Brand itSpray


Founded in 2018 by Kimberly Stiele, Benesprays’ Vision:

Positively impact people’s daily life by providing high quality vitamin based solutions for better health.

The Mission of our itSpray brand is:

Provide cutting edge alternatives for better health that outperform traditional pills, powders, and gummies by using a liquid formula made from high-quality ingredients, distributed through an easy, sublingual delivery that offers quick absorption, convenience, and portability.

Our spray delivery method removes the need for any fillers or binders found in pills, while also bypassing the digestive system. What this means for you? Higher absorption into your body and faster efficacy.  Made with natural vitamins, herbs, minerals and amino acids our brand ‘itSpray’, offers a line of solutions for every day life. itSpray products help boost their immunity, dream of a more restful night’s sleep, and charge up their day with additional energy. ‘itSpray’, in addition to its efficacy, is great tasting and comes in a conveniently portable spray bottle.

itSpray: How One Kids Product Became an Adult Vitamin Game-Changer

When it comes to getting children to take their vitamins, nobody knows how to disguise health and wellness in a small indulgence better than mom and itSpray founder Kimberly Stiele. In fact, the idea for her vitamin blend sprays came from an idea for a new kids multi-vitamin spray. Looking for an idea to improve upon the vitamin gummy, her past experience in the candy industry made her think of a popular spray candy for kids.

Kristen Miller did a nice job capturing Stiele’s passion for the product. If you want to read Kristen’s perspective you can find it:  https://www.hometownsource.com/sun_sailor/community/hopkins/hopkins-resident-launches-new-line-of-alternative-supplements-in-a/article_a8577b4a-ae23-11e9-bba6-1f3d6bfd3520.html

Stiele originally set out to make a fun vitamin spray for children but along the way, her interest shifted to an older audience. Although adults have an abundance of vitamin products to choose from, few are simple everyday solutions that don’t require a pill.

Looking at three areas of health and solutions sought after most by consumers, itSpray developed its three flagship products: BOOSTit Immunity, CHARGEit Energy and DREAMit Sleep.

Benefits of sublingual delivery:

According to Stiele, itSpray users are getting benefits beyond taking a daily multivitamin. Unlike taking a pill or gummy, the sprays provide an absorption rate that’s nine times more effective. Sprays provide 95 percent versus 30 percent or less from pills.

“You are getting all of the good stuff you need directly,” Stiele said. “As we get older the digestive system has a harder time breaking down pills. So a spray right into the bloodstream is an upgrade in how and how much you get of the vitamins you are taking.”

itSpray provides another advantage for those with sensitive stomachs. No fillers, binders or dyes are used in these liquid formulas.

In addition to effectively taking your vitamins in a spray form, you’re getting a premium blend that helps you achieve better health.

“Nothing just does one thing. For instance, DREAMit uses a combo of 5-HTP and Valerian root to calm the mind, relax you and release serotonin. The melatonin kicks in and keeps you asleep,” she explains.

itSpray varieties come in compact one-ounce bottles providing around 25 doses. Sprays are for everyone ages 4 and older.

We use itSpray everyday are you ready to change your routine?

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